Draft Rankings Update: Odell Beckham Takes Top Spot

Nearly all the experts pick Antonio Brown as the #1 pick – ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, FantasyPros. And who can blame them – Brown scored more fantasy points than any wide receiver last season in all formats. He’s healthy and is clearly Big Ben’s favorite target.

I predict Antonio Brown will score more fantasy points than any other wide receiver this season – so why isn’t he the #1 pick? Having the most fantasy points throughout the entire season does not win fantasy football championships. Winning your league’s playoffs does!

Antonio Brown will win you a spot in the playoffs, Odell Beckham will win you a championship.

Most fantasy football leagues hold their playoffs in weeks 14 to 16. Let’s assess Odell Beckham’s matchups versus Antonio Brown’s.

Odell Beckham has better playoff matchups than Antonio Brown across the board – on average 4 points/game. Other experts, including myself, expect Brown to beat Beckham by ~1.5 points/game during the regular season. Should you sacrifice 1.5 points/game during the regular season to gain 4 points/game in the playoffs? YES! (read more here)

Fantasy owners usually do not pay attention to playoff matchups during their draft, but this is a huge mistake. Players selected in early rounds of the draft usually remain on an owner’s team throughout the season and during the playoffs – owners are always reluctant to trade their first round pick. Make sure you draft players in the early rounds that will perform in your league’s playoffs. For rankings that place more value on playoff fantasy points, download your custom draft cheatsheet.

8/9/2016 --- The Fantasy Football Wizard